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What is SPAM

The easiest way to describe SPAM is to liken it to the junk mail you get in your mail box everyday, brouchers from shops with the latest bargins etc.

Email is no different. When you visit websites that ask for your email address you are open to SPAM, many sites will sell your email address on to third parties who will then use your address as a target for junk mail (SPAM).

There are many programs on sale to combat SPAM, ironically these companies will spam you offering their services. Data Hospital recommends that if someone SPAMs you, you should ignore the offer, there are better ways to control spam than spending money on spammed promises.

Controlling SPAM

When your service provider sets up your account they give you and email address that normally matches the account name. This is the master account, the sacrid account.

Data Hospital recommends that you should never use that email address. All service suppliers allow more than one email address to be created on the back of the master account, this is normally called family email. You can create and distroy these other addresses at will, the master account must stay unchanged.

Data Hospital recommends that you create one or more addresses under the family email, this is so that when the address becomes so abused by the SPAM community, you simply log in and distroy that addresss and create another.

Data Hospital also recommends the use of "Throw Away Email Accounts". Throw away accounts are supplied by people like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Excite mail and many others. These are addresses that are not connected to your internet srevice supplier. It is vital that you have at least one "throw away address" this is used when you visit places that require an email address for you to enter the site but is sure to SPAM you later.

If you have a lot of unwanted emails arriving, there are some excellent programs to help combat the problems. Data hospital can help you make the right choice of software to combat the problems. The best solution to the problem is never give your main email address to anybody that you don't know or you are sure they will not use it for marketing purposes.

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