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 Prices from 1st January 2016
Private Customers
Visiting CostsPrice ex mvaPrice inc mva 
Normal hours - Home or Office. 600 kr 750 kr  
Drive out charge.
- Porsgrunn, Skien
- Bamble, Larvik

320 kr
320 kr

400 kr
400 kr
Upgrades. Read Note
Upgrade Price Conditions:

PC is delivered to and collected from Data Hospital.

Price does not include the item to be installed.

During driver and/or softeare installation, any problems found with the PC shall incurre extra cost to rectify such problems. Customers are recommended to Virus scan and Adware scan prior to delivery.

Data Hospital shall not be held responsible for any Data lost from the PC during the installation process. It is recommended that a Data backup be taken prior to delivery.

Hard Disk Drive
- Partioned - Formatted
- Data copy from original drive

360 kr
700 kr

450 kr
875 kr
Memory300 kr375 kr 
Graphics Card300 kr375 kr 
DVD / CD Rom300 kr375 kr 
Interface Cards300 kr375 kr 
Operating Systems
- Windows
- Linux
- Mac

1000 kr
1200 kr
Call for price

1200 kr
1500 kr
Call for price